July 18, 2018

Jane Austen, 1775-1817

Today marks 200 years since the death of Jane Austen.  Her legacy is rich and very much alive.  Below are some links commemorating that legacy.


Todd Zwillich interviews Juliette Wells on The Takeaway


Jane Austen Wasn’t Shy, Devoney Looser

“Reading Jane Austen’s Final, Unfinished Novel,” The New Yorker

Jane Austen News from the NY Times


“Which Jane Austen” Bodleian Library Exhibit

Jane Austen House Museum

2017 at the British Library

Jane’s Winchester: Malady and Medicine


Jane Austen’s Worldwide Fan Club (BBC News)

New plastic £10 note  note featuring Jane Austen to be revealed

 Jane Austen 200 Years On (The Economist)

Jane Austen Facts & Figures (The Guardian)

Jane Austen News (The Economist)

Jane Austen News from the NY Times


The Divine Jane

Conferences & Actions

JASNA AGM, Huntington Beach

Jane’s Fund

Memorial Book (JASNA)