2. Keynote Speaker: Peter Sabor

Peter Sabor holds the Canada Research Chair in Eighteenth-Century Studies at McGill University, where he is Director of the Burney Centre. He is the author and editor of more than twenty works on eighteenth-century novelists and playwrights. Most recently, his pioneering work as an editor and scholar has shaped the field of Jane Austen and Frances Burney. He has also written about Samuel Richardson, Henry and Sarah Fielding, John Cleland and other eighteenth-century novelists. He is currently working on a biography of Jane Austen, under contract with Blackwell Press.

His keynote address will address portraiture as misrepresentation in Jane Austen.

A partial list of Professor Sabor’s books is provided below.

Peter Sabor, ed., Correspondence with Lady Bradshaigh and Lady Echlin, 3 vols., in The Cambridge Edition of the Correspondence of Samuel Richardson (Cambridge, 2016)

Peter Sabor, ed., The Cambridge Companion to Emma (Cambridge, 2015)

Peter Sabor, Janet Todd, and Linda Bree, eds. Jane Austen’s Manuscript Works (Broadview, 2013)

Peter Sabor, Fiona Ritchie, eds., Shakespeare in the Eighteenth Century (Cambridge, 2012)

Peter Sabor, ed. The Court Journals and Letters of Frances Burney (Volume1, 1786) (Oxford, 2011)

Peter Sabor, Paul Yachnin, eds., Shakespeare and the Eighteenth Century
(Ashgate, 2008)

Peter Sabor, ed., The Cambridge Companion to Frances Burney (Cambridge, 2007)

Peter Sabor, ed., Juvenilia, in The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Jane Austen (Cambridge, 2006)

Peter Sabor and Thomas Keymer, Pamela in the Marketplace: Literary Controversy and Print Culture in Eighteenth-Century Britain and Ireland (Cambridge, 2005)

Peter Sabor and Thomas Keymer, The Pamela Controversy: Criticisms and Adaptations of Samuel Richardson’s Pamela 6 vols. (Pickering & Chatto, 2001)

Peter Sabor, ed., The Complete Plays of Frances Burney, ed. with Stewart Cooke and Geoffrey Sill, 2 vols. (Pickering & Chatto, 1995).

Peter Sabor and Margaret Anne Doody, eds., Samuel Richardson: Tercentenary Essays (Cambridge, 1989)

Peter Sabor, ed., Horace Walpole: The Critical Heritage (Routledge, 1987)

Peter Sabor, Horace Walpole: A Reference Guide (G.K. Hall, 1984)

Editions of works by Samuel Richardson, Sarah Fielding, John Cleland, Horace

Walpole, Frances Burney, Jane Austen, and Thomas Carlyle for Penguin, University Press of Kentucky, Pickering & Chatto, Broadview, Juvenilia Press, and OUP.

General editor of a six-volume edition of Frances Burney’s Court Journals, under contract with OUP; co-general editor of a twenty-five volume edition of Samuel Richardson’s Works and Correspondence.